Al Gore Recalls a Pleasant, Uneventful Massage


An entire two days has gone by since the world learned of a masseuse's allegations of "unwanted sexual contact" by Al Gore in 2006. So what does Al Gore have to say about it? As with the Laurie David rumors, he's only speaking through friends, and not surprisingly, he has decided not to corroborate the masseuse's otherwise unprovable version of events. The Washington Post's Howard Kurtz reports:

According to a source friendly with the Gores, Al Gore confirmed that he received a therapeutic massage in his hotel room that night, and likely from the therapist making the accusation. But, the source said, Gore remembers getting a massage without incident and the therapist leaving on good terms.

Basically, we find ourselves in a classic he said/she said situation, and it appears that we'll never know the truth of what happened that night. Does the masseuse's request that the National Enquirer pay her $1 million for the story tip the scales at all? You decide. Either way, Gore's reputation has been getting flogged like a Singaporean criminal over the past ten days.

National Enquirer says it decided not to pay for Gore sex story interview [WP]