Another Candidate Jumps on the Lucrative Vietnam-Misrepresentation Bandwagon


Things worked out so well for Richard Blumenthal and Mark Kirk after they embellished their respective war records that the Republican candidate for governor in Alabama thought he might as well try it out for himself. Dr. Robert Bentley’s new ad has apparently created buzz on local talk-radio stations and invited the attention of the Alabama chapter of Vietnam Veterans of America. In the ad, a photo of a nurse and a doctor (presumably Bentley) is displayed, as a voice-over says Bentley “healed troops wounded in Vietnam” and text at the bottom of the screen reads “Hospital Commander Vietnam War.” But Bentley was never in Vietnam — he served Stateside at a hospital in North Carolina. It’s not as bad as Kirk or Blumenthal, and Bentley certainly didn’t come right out and say he was actually in Vietnam, but it doesn’t seem like he cared that much if you somehow got the impression that he was.

Did A GOP Candidate In AL-GOV Race Misrepresent His Vietnam Record? (VIDEO) [TPM DC]