Foxes of Finance

How can you hate these faces?

It’s been a tough couple of years for guys who work on Wall Street. Their bonuses were cock-blocked by the financial crisis (or nervous bosses forbade them from spending with the profligacy that comes naturally); they were spat upon by protesters; called greedy bastards by the president, Congress, and their own mothers. But now it’s time to stop the player-hating. The rest of America may see Wall Street as a mass of faceless, greedy jerks, but here in New York, we know it is a rich tapestry of individuals with thoughts, interests, and feelings. Some of whom, in addition to being very wealthy, are actually quite good-looking! And single!

To compile this list of Foxes of Finance, Daily Intel teamed up with Dealbreaker’s Bess Levin. We cracked open our virtual and actual address books and called people at hedge funds, large financial institutions and in the financial media to ask them a serious, important question: What cute single guys do you know? We logged countless hours drunkenly eyeballing the crowds at book parties and conferences, stalking Facebook profiles, and eventually, relentlessly pursuing the people on this list by email and phone like a couple of desperate hussies. We did all of this for you. Sad to say, there were a few big fish who got away: For instance, if anyone has pictures of the elusive Nate “smoking hot” Storch from Talpion, or Ross “hands down the hottest” Schubak from George Weiss Associates, do send them over. And if you think we’ve missed anyone else spectacular, e-mail us at intel[AT], subject line “Hottest Bachelors.” In the meantime, enjoy our slideshow.