O’Reilly Under Fire From Gay-Rights Groups After Comparing Gays to Terrorists


After mocking a gay-friendly McDonald’s ad currently airing in France on his show last night, Bill O’Reilly has been criticized by several gay-rights groups for equating gay men … with members of Al Qaeda. The ad — which closes with the slogan “come as you are” — features a teenager at McDonald’s talking to his boyfriend on the phone when his dad sits down at the table. The boy smiles to himself when his dad — who doesn’t know he’s gay — tells him he could be getting “all the girls.”

In discussing the ad on-air last night, O’Reilly repeatedly asked fellow anchor Jane Skinner if the ad “made her hungry” for McDonald’s. He then proclaimed the ad would “never run in the USA,” before wondering aloud if the fast-food chain also had “an Al Qaeda ad.” GLAAD has already sent out an action alert asking for citizens to demand an apology from Fox, and the Human Rights Campaign’s Michael Cole said O’Reilly “should be ashamed for equating a family with a gay son to terrorists.”

Bill O’Reilly draws calls for apology after he mocks ‘gay friendly’ McDonald’s ad on his Fox show [NYDN]