Impatient Mayor Bloomberg Forms Coalition to Deal With Immigration


Mayor Bloomberg has organized a number of CEOs, including Newscorp’s Rupert Murdoch, Robert Iger of Disney, J.W. Marriott Jr., and the mayors of several American cities, into a coalition, “Partnership for a New American Economy,” that will lobby the federal government to reform and improve immigration laws in the U.S. Why now and why them, you ask? Well, as the mayor explained somewhat impatiently to Fox News this morning, effective immigration reform is key to repairing and stimulating our hobbled economy. And, what with the president all busy dealing with Afghanistan and the oil spill and financial reform, “somebody has to lead and explain to the country why this is in our interest.” So the responsibility falls to him. As usual. God. Without Bloomberg to point out all this important stuff, what would we even be? A bunch of fat-eating, salt-swollen, political-term–observing ninnies, that’s what.