Breaking: Stuyvesant High School Seniors Want to Have Sex With One Another


Every year, Stuyvesant High School seniors post crush lists in the second-floor atrium. The postings are “a confessional release of four years of pent-up desire or affection, sometimes even for teachers,” writes the Post. The tradition has been going on for over a decade, but this year the Post, which absolutely hates it when teenagers get raunchy, picked up on it because the lists took a slightly more sexual bent.

Students in the school’s Class of 2010 were encouraged to create displays listing classmates they considered the sexiest under such headings as “I’d tap that,” “hotties” and “loves.”

This is the school that had the infamous “Cuddle Puddle” four years ago. Is posting a list of people you want to have sex with on a school wall controlled by teachers not the best idea for a school’s image? Sure. But the only thing more disingenuous than pretending not to know what the word “tap” means is pretending to be shocked that 18-year-old boys and girls want to do it to one another.

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