Carr: Give Larry King a Victory Lap


Media critic David Carr has cautionary words for CNN today as they contemplate the "endgame" for Larry King. The talk host has about a year left in his contract, and already there's been plenty of talk about who should succeed him. To avoid a messy transition and retirement, here's Carr's suggestion:

Why not announce a yearlong victory lap for Mr. King? You could probably count on both Obamas, both Clintons, both George Bushes, both Martha and Jon Stewart, with maybe some Tiger, a little Oprah, all stopping by for some much deserved ring-kissing. The 25th anniversary week proved that Mr. King can still move the ratings with aggressive booking, and meanwhile CNN could negotiate with Mr. King to free up some nights for a kind of bake-off, a rolling audition of hopefuls.

And his warning: "The more legendary the talent, the more delicate the endgame. Think of Helen Thomas’s exit, which did not end well for anyone."

Larry King's Endgame at CNN [NYT]