Carroll Gardens Residents Treated to Real-Life Performance of Tony and Tina’s Wedding


Saturday night, a fight that broke out among attendees at an engagement party at Marco Polo Ristorante in Carroll Gardens spilled out into the street. Cops were called, and several people were arrested for disorderly conduct, including the father of the bride. For them as well as for the bride and groom, this must have been a very bad night indeed. But for onlookers, it was a charming bit of free street theater! One tells the Brooklyn Paper:

“There was a bunch of fighting and yelling, people running in and out of the restaurant and tastelessly dressed women cat fighting or threatening to cat fight,” one witness told this paper. “They were all behaving like unflattering stereotypes about certain Italian-Americans. It was very interesting to watch and we spent at least five minutes observing from across the street.”

Hey, it's a recession, you take your kicks where you can get 'em.

Engagement party on Court St. gets ugly — and the father of the bride is in the middle of it! [Brooklyn Paper]