City to Pay Largest Personal Settlement Ever Over False Imprisonment


A man jailed for nineteen years after he was framed for murder by a corrupt detective was awarded a $9.9 million settlement Thursday, the largest personal settlement in the city’s history. The man, Barry Gibbs, was released from prison in 2005 when evidence surfaced that he had been set up by one of the “Mafia cops” who had already been sentenced to life in prison for his role in mob-relating killings. Gibbs sued the city in 2006 and his civil trial was to begin next month in Brooklyn. Gibbs sounded “almost indifferent to the news,” the Times said, and he told the paper, “They are permanent scars … It’s been a long road. I’ve been through a lot, and it was very traumatic for me.”

City to Pay $9.9 Million Over Man’s Imprisonment [NYT]