Citigroup Customers Speak Out on Too-Hot Employee


Citigroup has already come out and said the case filed against them by former employee Debrahlee Lorenzana, in which she alleges that she was fired for being so much more smoking hot than the other employees at the company, has no legal merit. But should this case of alleged minority discrimination make its way out of arbitration and up the legal chain to the Supreme Court, the bank may actually have a solid defense. In today's Daily News, several former customers at Lorenzana's branch testified that her beauty was distracting. Like Harold Mack, a paralegal:

"Whew, she was a hot one," said Mack, 26. "I'm sad she's gone, but she did stick out. I know she distracted me whenever I came into the bank."

Think of the things that could happen to a Citigroup consumer with a mind so confused! He might have taken too many cash advances at a disgustingly high interest rate, or opened an unnecessary credit-card account. Actually, now that we think about it, this may be why the bank declared a profit last quarter.

Male customers were eager to catch glimpse of ex-Citigroup banker Debrahlee Lorenzana's assets [NYDN]