Debrahlee Lorenzana Now Too Much Woman For JP Morgan Chase


After she was fired from Citibank for allegedly being too good-looking, Debrahlee Lorenzana was naturally hired by Chase, the Wall Street bank where being good-looking is less of an anomaly. The bank, however, is none too pleased with the recent publicity surrounding the lawsuit that Lorenzana has filed against her former employer, and has allegedly told her to either stop saying rude things about her former colleagues' looks (and awesomely egotistical things about her own) to the media, or to face termination. According to Lorenzana, the order to zip her bee-stung lips came all the way from the top.

Her boss said Citibank is upset about all the interviews and that the hush order came from CEO Jamie Dimon, the single mom said.

Leave it to Jamie to (a) keep abreast of what's in the Village Voice, and (b) look out for his former employer Citigroup. Sure, he can call the CEO a jerk to his face. But drawing attention to the physical flaws of people at the company, well, that's just not sportsmanlike, especially when he's so good-looking himself.

'Too hot for Citi' banker now faces firing from Chase for talking about suit [NYP]