Diane Passage May Have to Go Back to the Old Life


This morning, a lawyer for the SEC said that federal regulators will oppose any attempt to unfreeze the assets of accused Ponzi-schemer Kenneth Starr, even if it means leaving his ex-stripper wife, Diane Passage, and her 12-year-old son with little more than the minks on their backs. But do not worry for Passage: The hardworking former Scores dancer will “do what she has to do to support herself and her son,” says her lawyer, by which we can only assume he means giving up every last thing she has on that wimpy bald bastard, doing a tearful morning-show circuit, and making a triumphant return with a book deal, Lifetime original miniseries, and a reality show called Dancing With the Starrs.

Kenneth Starr’s wife may have to start stripping again [NYP]