Dylan Ratigan Got His Job Just Like Every Other Person in Media


Dylan Ratigan, the pinstriped, thick-tied former banking advocate turned heckler is something of a media success story, if success is measured with a combination of finding your voice and finding the right outlet to let you shout it out (Ratigan's eponymous program is still crushed by Neil Cavuto on rival Fox News). But it turns out, he got his first media job just the way you did! From the Times today:

Mr. Ratigan went to work at CNBC in 2005 after spending his 20s at Bloomberg Television as a journalist and a manager, a job he won after getting to know Michael Bloomberg's ex-wife and daughters. They recommended him for an entry-level job, Mr. Ratigan said.

Try not to focus on the fact that in 2005 Ratigan was 34 and Georgina Bloomberg was 22 (and mom Susan Bloomberg was, well, we don't know how old she is, but she is definitely over 50 and very well put-together), so they wouldn't necessarily be natural friends. The point is, as anyone in media who has an intern knows, the practice of getting your friend's dad to give you your first job is still alive and well!

From CNBC Business Journalist to Critic of Bankers on MSNBC [NYT]