England and U.S. Face Off in an Oil-Related Phone Call and a World Cup Match Today


President Obama is calling up new Prime Minister David Cameron today to talk about the BP — British (!) Petroleum — spill making a mess of the Gulf. Obama recently mentioned that he would have fired BP CEO, Brit Tony Howard, and that he’s figuring out increased pressure on BP to pay up more personally: “Obama is killing all our pensions,” wrote the Daily Express last week, while the Daily Telegraph went with, “Obama’s boot on the throat of British pensioners.” Interestingly, the other ass-kicking situation going on today is the U.S. soccer match versus England in both teams’ opening World Cup game in South Africa. The New York Post writes, “It’s the Revolutionary War, Round 2.” We’re actually not quite seeing that, but soon even multinational pals Chace Crawford and Ed Westwick could start sparring.

’Toxic’ grudge match: US vs. England [NYP]

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