What Do Arki Busson’s Bracelets Mean?


As it was noted in a recent profile of London-based hedge funder Arki Busson, the sometime paramour of Uma Thurman frequently accessorizes his snappy suits with a wrist full of bangles. He's not the only financier to take a cue from a trend pioneered by tween girls, says James Massey, a London publicist who tells the FT he's noticed "an increasing number of smart London men" wearing bracelets. Where did the trend come from, and what do the bracelets mean? Massey takes a stab at it:

“If you look around Mayfair, you see all these men in beautiful bespoke suits and Patek Philippe watches, and they’re wearing these bracelets to give them an air of nonchalance.” According to Massey, these wristbands are a mark of the independence afforded to the hedge funder or the entrepreneur: “The ones that own their own company don’t care about traditional dressing,” he says.

Hmmm. Nonchalance. Maybe. Or, they could signify what types of sex acts they're comfortable with.

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