Frank Lucas Shouldn’t Have Worn That Floor-Length Chinchilla Coat


Frank Lucas, the “Original Gangster” Harlem heroin dealer who became famous for his fur coats, says that his hallmark floor-length chinchilla was actually what brought him down from the throne of his $1 million-a-day operation. According to his new autobiography, the $100,000 coat (and matching $25,000 fur hat) was a purchase he made after going to an Ali fight in a suit and and seeing less successful dealers in minks. This was 1970. From the Post:

There is no such thing as outtalking me, outhustling me, outthinking me or outdressing me,” writes Lucas, 79, who was portrayed by Denzel Washington in the flick American Gangster. “I could not have people who made less money than me walking around thinking they ruled the world. I screamed it out to all who would listen: ‘Ya’ll think you gone outshine me? Bring that ass to New York City, and I will show every last one of ya’ll who the boss is.’

This may be the first time the Fashion Police has ever teamed up with Vice. Rim shot!

Druglord ‘gangster’ fashion victim [NYP]
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