Chihuahua Rich Enough to Get Her Own WSJ Stipple Portrait


Conchita has been called “one of the world’s most spoiled dogs.” She has a wardrobe for all four seasons (despite the fact that she lives in Miami), a $15,000 diamond necklace, a gold Cadillac Escalade, and, since the death of her owner, Gail Posner — the daughter of hostile-takeover king Victor — the run of a seven-bedroom, $8.3 million mansion complete with a full staff and a $3 million trust fund, all of which is being hotly contested by her human brother, screenwriter Brett Carr, who was left a comparatively paltry $1 million in his mother’s will.

He filed a lawsuit against his mother’s staff and advisers this week, alleging they drugged her and coerced her into favoring the dog so that they could benefit. He probably has a case, an unfortunately named pundit tells The Wall Street Journal:

The Journal itself, however, seems to be in Conchita’s corner. They would never have given her her own stipple portrait unless they thought she was a player.

Little Dog, Large Estate [WSJ]