Scott Faulkner Thought Brother Had a ‘Good Chance’ of Killing Bin Laden


It’s fair to say that most people would not approve of a family member traveling to northwest Pakistan on a mission to personally hunt down and behead Osama bin Laden, yes? Well, Dr. Scott Faulkner is not one of those people. He knew exactly what his brother — awesome three-namer Gary Brooks Faulkner, a construction worker from Colorado — was up to, and even drove him to the airport for his latest excursion into Pakistan, his sixth. “Gary is not your average American,” Dr. Faulkner said on the Today show this morning. “He’s very passionate. He’s a patriot.” Not to mention, he had a pretty good chance at getting Bin Laden. Because Gary grew a beard, see, so he could blend in with the locals. Why didn’t the Army think of that!

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