George W. Bush Is Liked by 32,000 People and Counting


Today marks the long-awaited (?) launch of George W. Bush’s official Facebook page, and so far, he’s receiving a warm welcome. (A new Bush account also opened up on Twitter today, but a Bush spokesman says it isn’t him and that he has no plans to tweet. Damn. The man was made for short bursts of thought.) Most of the comments left on Bush’s page are positive — “We miss you Mr. President,” “God bless you,” etc. Whoever is managing the page for him has already posted two profile pics (casual Bush and what we’ll call cowboy-formal Bush) and two notes: one consisting of a brief summary of Bush’s post-presidential activities, and the other hawking his wife’s best-selling book. We’re sure the platform will be useful in alerting loyal fans to the release of Bush’s own book, Decision Points, in a few months.

Former US president George W. Bush joins Facebook [AFP via Google]
Geoge W. Bush [Facebook]