Top Goldman Executive Deigns to Speak to Client With a Mere $2.7 Billion Invested


The following anecdote was presented by Reuters as a sign of seismic "cultural changes" with regard to customer relations at Goldman Sachs, and of the firm's increased "humility" in light of recent events:

Four days after U.S. securities regulators charged Goldman Sachs Group with civil fraud, Ash Williams, the top administrator for Florida's $138 billion in public investments, wanted to talk to someone at the Wall Street firm. And he didn't want to speak to just anyone. He asked specifically for Gary Cohn, Goldman's president and Chief Executive Officer Lloyd Blankfein's top lieutenant. Williams got his wish. Cohn, whose firm manages $2.7 billion of Florida's investments, called soon after.

Holy hell, things really have changed. Next they'll be picking up the phone to talk to centamillionaires.

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