Helen Thomas: Obama Can’t Put Pressure on Netanyahu


In a just-released interview in (of all places) Vice, recently retired Hearst newspapers columnist Helen Thomas voiced more of her views on Israel — the ones that ended up spurring her departure from the White House briefing room after 44 years. “I don’t think” Obama can keep any significant pressure on Netanyahu, she argues. “I’ve seen moments like this before, when there was a real rift with Israel. Like when, under Bush 41, James Baker said, ‘They have my number, they can call me.’ They say that, but then the State Department and American officials always go back. I mean, they have a guy like Dennis Ross at the White House now, who’s always been a part of the Israel lobby. They put him in charge of the whole Muslim world.” Note: Thomas was photographed for the Vice piece by their regular contributor and soft-core photographer Richard Kern. Because who is better suited for the erotic lens than someone whose job it was to avoid getting manipulated by pricks for over four decades?

Helen Thomas [Vice]