It Was a Big Day for Allegedly Corrupt New York Politicians


Those rare New York politicians who aren’t under investigation for some form of fraud or corruption are becoming part of a very elite group. Yesterday, it was revealed that the FBI has, for two years, been looking into whether Brooklyn State Senator Carl Kruger traded official favors for campaign donations. The owner of Russian restaurant Rasputin, Michael Levitis, had told another restaurateur that he could get Kruger’s office to make his problems with the State Liquor Authority disappear if the man would hold a fund-raiser for Kruger. Unfortunately for Levitis, the conversation and subsequent ones were recorded by the man. Kruger’s office contends that the senator was never aware of what they say was merely an influence-peddling scheme, and it’s unknown at this point if the FBI has actually found anything to suggest otherwise, although they’ve certainly been trying. Meanwhile, Joe Bruno, the former senate majority leader who was sentenced to two years in prison for using his legislative office for personal business, could walk free after the Supreme Court ruled against the statute he was convicted on. When one cell door closes, another opens?

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