Jamie Dimon and Kirsten Gillibrand Fight, Make Up


JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon has been highly critical of many aspects of the new financial-reform package. He particularly hates the limits it proposes on trading of derivatives, which he claims will negatively impact not only JPMorgan, but New York and the rest of the country, since it will likely just drive the business to some other place where they’re more interested in being rich than in punishing people. According to Charlie Gasparino, during the financial-regulation negotiations a couple of weeks ago, Dimon even got into a “heated exchange” with New York senator Kirsten Gillibrand about the matter. A source familiar with Dimon’s thinking, though not with the silken caress of his pillowy lips, confirms to Daily Intel that there were Words Exchanged. “He was hoping that she would take a stand for New York,” sayeth the source, adding, “It’s nothing new for Jamie Dimon to be direct about what he’s thinking.” Also fyi: “Since then they’ve spoken, and the relationship is fine.”