JFK Postal Worker Plays Into Stereotypes


A mail sorter at JFK Airport went ballistic on his female supervisor yesterday, stabbing her seven times with a pair of scissors before a co-worker stopped him. David Barnett told police that he "was tired of her busting his chops and he decided he was not going to take it anymore." Thankfully, the supervisor is in stable condition, but the incident recalls many others where disgruntled postal employees lash out violently at co-workers and bosses — often with much more deadly consequences. So why exactly do postal workers seem so prone to snapping? After all, we've all wanted to stab our bosses every once in a while, but we don't go ahead and do it. For answers, we turn to Dr. Newman, an expert in postal-worker psychology.

"Because the mail never stops. It just keeps coming and coming and coming. There's never a letup, it's relentless. Every day it piles up more and more and more, but the more you get out, the more it keeps coming. And then the bar code reader breaks. And then it's Publisher's Clearinghouse day!"

Mail Sorter Charged With Stabbing Supervisor At JFK Mail Facility [NBC NY]