Jill Zarin: Real Housewives Comrades Subjected Me to Unimaginable Horrors


You know how on Real Housewives last week, Jill Zarin had her husband Bobby reroute her private jet to St. Barts so that she could do a "surprise" pop-in at Ramona's party in St. John, which she knew in advance to be a shitshow attended by her worst frenemies Bethenny and Alex? It may have looked, from the outside, like Jill was being a jerk and a drama queen, like she deserved to be shown the door by the unwelcome gang. But that was not the case at all: Jill was a victim. She was traumatized by what went down. After she was dismissed, Jill tells Us:

"I literally cried for like two or three days."

Literally! Did! Not! Stop! Crying! Why? Because she was tortured.

"They didn't offer me a glass of water or a bathroom! We had just traveled nine hours, and they knew it. I had to pee!

Those sick bitches. We knew that these women were cruel, but that is some Guantánamo-type stuff. Especially when you consider the ordeal Jill had been through, traveling from Manhattan to the islands on a private jet.

You have no idea what a schlep it was. Schlep doesn't even describe it!"

She's right. Schlep doesn't even begin to describe it. Oh, the humanity.

Jill Zarin: I Cried for "Three Days" After Crashing Ramona's Party [Us]