Journal’s Expanded Weekend Edition Will Be Like British Sunday Papers


Back in April we told you that The Wall Street Journal brass were planning on following up the launch of their “Greater New York” section with a big expansion of their Weekend Edition. This week more details have been released, courtesy of former Domino editor Deborah Needleman, who was hired to consult on the expansion. Needleman told Ad Age that about fifteen to seventeen pages of editorial and advertising will be tacked on to the five-year-old Saturday edition of the paper, and the new content will mimic some of owner Rupert Murdoch’s overseas media properties. “I love the playfulness of the British weekend papers,” she said. “Part of what we’re trying to do is marry the fun and irreverence of the British weekend papers with the utility of a really great service section that addresses luxury in a real-life way. It needs to be a pleasure to read and to look at, but you really have to get something out of it.” Left unsaid was that it also has to take a chunk out of the Times, whose thick “Weekender” editions dominate Saturdays and Sundays in both readership and advertising.

Wall Street Journal Expands Again With New Weekly Section [Ad Age]
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