Killer Bird in a Basket


Look at you, adorable widdle falcon chick who was discovered in Queens and relocated by the Department of Environment Protection to a nest on the Verrazano Bridge! Look at you in your basket, with your tiny wings and fluffy-wuffy feathers and my, what big, frightening talons you have. What could you possibly use those for?

Indeed, peregrine falcons are birds of prey — raptors, technically — and one of the reasons that it is appropriate for them to nest on the tops of New York City bridges is that the high-rise perch “provides an excellent vantage point for hunting prey ... seems that the falcons, which clock in at some of the fastest speeds seen in nature, feed on some significantly sized food: they have been known to dine on doves from time to time.

Emphasis ours, because, Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Falcon Chicks and Errant Clicks [City Room/NYT]