Lady Ponzi Schemer Adds Insult to Injury by Squandering Ill-Gotten Gains


It is one thing when the financial adviser with whom you've entrusted your life's savings spends your money in comfortingly conventional megalomaniacal fashion, like by purchasing yachts or watches or diamond-studded pink Lamborghinis. It is quite another when they go hog-wild and literally throw your hard-earned money away, which is what Antoinette "Dina" Hodgson did with the $45 million she told investors she was using to flip residential properties.

Hodgson, 58, of Montclair, N.J., "spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas," according to a complaint charging her with conspiracy and wire fraud...In addition to blowing some of her illegal proceeds at the gaming tables, Hodgson allegedly spent $700,000 on a Dunkin' Donuts franchise in Arizona and gave away tens of thousands of dollars to her family and friends.

The Dunkin' Donuts is, naturally, where she got nabbed. Ha, just kidding! Cop/doughnut joke? No? Eh, sorry.

NJ woman gambled away Ponzi scheme proceeds: feds [NYP]