Laura Bush Thinks This Is Obama’s Katrina, But in a Good Way


Based on her recent interviews, you might be wondering if the Laura Bush we’ve been seeing the past few weeks is actually Paul Begala cloaked in an amazingly lifelike Laura Bush bodysuit. First, she (Begala?) proclaimed her support for gay marriage and abortion rights, then she praised the Elena Kagan nomination, and this morning on Good Morning America, she defended President Obama’s handling of the oil spill. Except, we’re not sure if her assistance is going to be entirely appreciated by the White House. This is what Bush said when asked by Robin Roberts if the spill was “Obama’s Katrina”:

I think they’re doing everything they can do. Absolutely. Just like we did with Katrina. You know, it’s not one person’s responsibility. The president can’t do every single thing there is to do.”

If by “Obama’s Katrina” you mean “doing a great job dealing with a disaster,” like my husband did, then yes, of course. That’s how people think about Katrina, right?

Former First Lady Laura Bush Says Obama’s Administration is Doing All It Can on BP Oil Spill [GMA/ABC News]