Levi Johnston and Bristol Palin Back Together?


Who says true love is dead? (Other than Tipper Gore, of course.) According to Us Weekly, the great and honest teenage romance between Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston may be back on. The couple became internationally famous when, during Sarah Palin’s candidacy for the vice-presidency of the United States, it became known that the unmarried teens were expecting a child. But afterward, acrimony and mutual fame-seeking notoriously tore them apart. But “now that Mama Palin is out of the picture and Bristol is on her own in Anchorage, they spend more time together than most people think,” a source tells the mag. “Levi even stays overnight. I even think they are back together.” Now, nobody get too excited: The source just “thinks” they are back together. And as Intel Dan pointed out upon hearing the news, Bristol Palin doesn’t have premarital sex, so that just about tosses out any prospect of a reunion. But Intel Chris thinks, however (and he would know), that it just may not count as “premarital” sex if you’re not actually allowed by parents or law to marry the person. A loophole! One right up there with the well-known “it doesn’t count to have sex with someone using an orifice his own baby once passed through” loophole.

Source: Levi Johnston, Bristol Palin Are Back On! [Us]