Lisa Falcone Will Not Be Stopped


Recently, billionaire hedge-fund manager Philip Falcone surprised his fun-loving, pig-training, bar-in-closet-installing wife, Lisa, with a Vespa. Yay! Because the only thing funner than Lisa's outfits are Lisa's outfits on a scooter, cruising around the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, Lisa fumbled on the bike and fell off, injuring her ankle and condemning herself to crutches. But injury has not cramped her style! At the other night's annual benefit for the High Line, to which the Falcones are major donors, Lisa not only bravely showed up, she wore a brave outfit:

She was wearing a black Balmain jacket accessorized by a green pin that said "I Built the High Line," a cream T-shirt by Generation Love and a pair of sparkling silver Balmain pants.

It just goes to show you, what does not kill you only makes you more fabulous.

From High Line To Edible Schoolyard [WSJ via Dealbreaker]