Lloyd Blankfein Reflects On His ‘Wet and Sticky’ Adolescent Summers


The first job I could get after I got my working papers …. [was] selling yearbooks and sodas at Yankee Stadium. This was a job when I was 13 years old and 14 years old and 15 years old. And I remember — so I lived in Brooklyn, long commute. You’d get a tray full of sodas and it was covered by cellophane, which would slip off, and so you’d get yourself wet and sticky. And if you remember the old upper deck at Yankee Stadium, the steep steps, and somebody up there, you’d be walking along with your tray of soda and somebody would say I’d like a soda. And they were 25 cents and it was a 13 percent commission. And I would make, like, three cents for carrying that tray of soda straight up these steep steps, sell it to them and come walk down, and I tell you I learned what a dollar was worth because I learned how to make it three cents at a time carrying trays of soda at Yankee Stadium.” [NPR]