Madoff May Have Stashed $9 Billion, Says Chatty Fellow Inmate


If you read Steve Fishman's recent piece about Bernie Madoff's life in prison in New York, you'll know that his fellow inmates in Butner, North Carolina, are chattier and cattier than a ladies' knitting circle. Now, one of them has told the Post he heard that Bernie put aside $9 billion to take care of a few people, and that his former aide Frank DiPascali knows where the money is and is using the information to cut a better deal for himself with the Feds. As for who is hanging on to these alleged funds, it's not his sons, who the inmate says don't speak to Bernie (Fair enough, after Bernie allegedly said he "doesn't give a fuck" about Mark and Andy anyway). And it's not with his wife Ruth, who has bought "a regular car" and is living in an unknown location where no one knows how small her ex's wang is (Bernie was "having problems with his wife" over the book written by his former lover Sheryl Weinstein, the inmate dished). So who got it?

"I think it was personal friends," the inmate said of the recipients of the mega-bucks.

Of which the inmate can no longer consider himself one, we suppose. Hope the carton of cigarettes the Post bought him was worth it.

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