Man Amazingly Cheerful After Spending Four Days Lying in a Swamp With a Broken Back


Considering he had been lying in a swamp for four days, covered with bugs and spiders, badly dehydrated with a back injury so bad he was unable to drag himself to the highway, soon-to-be Barclays associate Thomas Wopat-Moreau, 22, seemed to be in an amazingly good mood when he was rescued by cops who found him yesterday after he crashed his BMW off the Taconic State Parkway last Sunday. Whereas most people might have barely mumbled a feral grunt, he summoned a cheery greeting!

"I'm so happy to see you guys!" Thomas Wopat-Moreau told the troopers who found him.

He also had a very specific request:

"He repeatedly said, 'I want four pitchers of ice water,' " Brown said.

He must have gotten it, for his uncle told the Daily News that Wopat-Moreau, who is now in the hospital, remains "in good spirits."

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