Life Just Got a Lot Worse for the Drunk Dude Who Lost a Leg in the Subway


Last year, 25-year-old Dustin Dibble successfully sued the MTA for $2.3 million after falling on the subway tracks while he was blackout drunk and losing his leg to an oncoming train. The money may have been a small consolation for the missing limb, but hey, he was the one falling in the one place in the city where we know trains will run over you, and somebody was paying him millions of dollars for it. He could replace his unexciting human leg with a high-tech prosthetic and still have plenty of money left over for as many six-packs and bottles of Jager as his heart desired. But it was not to be. A state appeals court has overturned the earlier decision and thrown out the case because the verdict — which Mayor Bloomberg called “incomprehensible” — was based on “impermissible speculation” about whether the train’s conductor should have been able to stop in time. Hopefully Dibble didn’t blow all his money stocking up on Jager already, although he’ll need it now more than ever.

Drunk who lost leg after falling from a subway platform has $2.3 million verdict tossed [NYP]