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the third terminator

Mayor Bloomberg Is Going to Die

When Mayor Bloomberg had his physical recently, he learned of some unpleasant news: billions or no billions, we are all mere mortals in the end. “The doctor says I will die not from anything they found so far, but some day I will die,” Bloomberg told reporters today. It seems like a solid prognosis, but can we really be sure? Doctors have been wrong before.

"I had my physical last week. And the doctors: one came from Nigeria, one came from (Senegal), one came from Singapore, one came from, I think, Bangladesh. We have doctors from around the world."

Oh, four doctors. They were probably right then. Wait, it takes four doctors to give Bloomberg a physical?

Freewheeling Bloomberg Tackles Senate Race, His Immigrant Medical Team and Charity [Metropolis/WSJ]

Photo: Ben Hider/Getty Images