MTA to Change ‘FML’ Signs


For the past few months, a set of signs at the 14th Street and Sixth Avenue subway stop have reflected what many a rider — running late, overheated, or otherwise dejected — has no doubt tweeted: "FML." But the surprisingly culturally astute MTA is now taking action to change the signs that spell out the abbreviation, which stands for what the Times awkwardly calls “a coarse self-denigration.”

“As soon as we became aware of it, we were going to change it,” New York City transit spokesman Charles F. Seaton said. “We thought there was a certain population out there who might recognize it, even though we didn’t, obviously.”

Meanwhile, tweens everywhere are in for "FML" moments of their own tomorrow when their parents come into their rooms after reading the Times and ask them what "FML" means.

On Second Thought ... [City Room/NYT]