Naomi Campbell Doesn’t Do Stairs

Though Charlie Sheen planned to plead guilty in court yesterday and serve 30 days in prison, his plea deal “hit a snag,” Sheen is dodging jail, and a new court date was set for July 12. Naomi Campbell backed out of appearing on an Australian awards show because she found out she’d have to walk up two flights of stairs. Turns out Sandra Bullock’s kiss with ScarJo at the MTV Movie Awards was all Bullock’s idea. According to an “insider,” “Scarlett was originally supposed to present a different award with Zac Efron, but when Sandy heard Scarlett would be there, she reached out to her.” Meanwhile, Paris and Nicky Hilton befriended Snooki and J-WOWW, then hit up Katy Perry’s after-party together, where the happy quartet danced on a banquette, fist-pumped, ate tacos, and swapped digits. Noted literary mind Demi Moore is writing a memoir about her career and her “troubled” relationship with her mother. And speaking of quality entertainment, Hustler is set to release a 75-minute sex tape featuring Real Housewife of New Jersey Danielle Staub.

James Cameron apologized on Larry King for calling those involved in the BP oil spill “morons.” After dining with rapper Gucci Mane and Selita Ebanks at Abe & Arthur’s, T.I. left his “permission to travel” papers on the table, documents verifying that while on supervised release from prison, he can leave the country for a specified period of time. Nick Swisher and Joanna Garcia won trivia night at Southern Hospitality. Chris Brown played a pickup game of basketball with Taye Diggs at the Reebok Sports Club. Speaking with a Northern English accent helped Emily Blunt get over her stutter. And Seth Meyers rocked a Night at the Roxbury–inspired head-bop at Lily Pond in East Hampton.

Alanis Morissette married her rapper boyfriend, Souleye. Nick Lachey shaved his head because he “just wanted a change.” Mariah Carey’s having a baby girl. While sporting a bikini, Kate Gosselin got attacked by a flock of birds. And Snooki thinks she’s ready to be a mom, exclaiming that all she wants to do is “make guido babies.” She’s also hoping to land her own reality show titled Snookin’ for Love. “I want 27 Guido juiceheads in a house fighting for me!”