Netanyahu: ‘Israel Plans to Ease Blockade of Gaza’ to Specified Items


Three weeks after the Gaza-flotilla incident and following an Israeli Security Cabinet meeting, "Israel plans to ease its blockade of Gaza," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said this morning, to just specified military items. From CNN:

"Israel has decided to enable the flow of all civilian goods into the Gaza strip. From today, there is a green light approval for all goods to enter into Gaza except for military items and materials that can strengthen Hamas' military machine ... Netanyahu said in a statement Israel would 'publish a list of items not permitted into Gaza that is limited to weapons and war material.'"

However, "The naval blockade of Gaza remains in place, and military officials will continue to inspect goods on Gaza-bound ships," Netanyahu said. Middle East envoy Tony Blair cautiously approved of the policy:

"Plainly there are still issues to be addressed and the test of course will be not what is said, but what is done ... But I welcome strongly this statement of policy ... and look forward to working closely with the Government of Israel ... on its implementation."

The White House also gave their approval, "saying it will improve conditions for Palestinians in Gaza while preventing the entry of weapons."

Israel lifting blockade of Gaza 'except for military items' [CNN]