N.Y. Leaders Optimistic About Avoiding Shutdown


It looks like “anarchy” will be avoided for at least a few more days. New York State leaders said Sunday that they expected to pass another short-term emergency spending bill Monday, which will avert a shutdown, but they were unable to articulate how exactly they will muster enough votes to pass the new measure in the State Senate, the Times says. In spite of this outlook, David Paterson said he does not believe a deal is in the near future: “There have been all sorts of rumors that we’re close to a deal,” Paterson said Sunday. “I don’t see that.” The spending bill will need some votes from the Republicans in the State Senate (who have voted unanimously against the last few emergency bills) since Democrat Ruben Diaz reiterated Sunday he will not vote for Paterson’s measure (“Democrats are supposed to be the defender and the protector of the poor and the needy,” Diaz said. “Let the Republicans cut. I am not cutting any more.”).

In Albany, Questions on Averting a Shutdown