Jamie Dimon and Barack Obama’s Bromance Continues to Fade


Noam Scheiber is the latest to delve into the relationship between President Barack Obama and JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, which he likens to a “high school romance.” The piece traces their relationship from its heady, hormonal beginnings in Chicago to its recent devolution into name-calling and public sniping over financial reform, culminating in the president’s decision to not invite Dimon to a big party at his house. In it, Dimon defends his behavior toward the president.

“It’s never fair to punish everybody regardless of their behavior,” he told me at one point. “There are good banks and bad banks just like there are good politicians and bad politicians, and I’m not going to sit here and accept that somehow it’s OK.”

Obama, on the other hand, would only comment through his friends.

Obama, on the other hand, would only comment through his friends.

Team Obama has sometimes marveled at Dimon’s tone-deafness — “they don’t really understand how toxic they are,” one administration official complained to me.

It’s unclear whether that comment was delivered orally or came folded in the form of a paper fortune-teller.


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