One Day Soon You May Not Have to Say You Abused Your Spouse in Order to Get a Divorce


Today in Things You May Have Assumed New York State Took Care of Years Ago: no-fault divorce! The State Senate passed a measure to end the state policy of blaming one spouse for the failure of the marriage yesterday. By legalizing “no-fault divorces,” Albany would make it so that one member of a wedded couple would no longer have to allege cruel and inhuman treatment, adultery, or abandonment on the part of the other. For decades, couples have struggled with this policy, which critics say has led to unnecessarily cruel custody battles and protracted legal proceedings. Now, if the State Assembly passes a no-fault divorce bill (there are two such measures before it now) and the governor signs off on it, couples will be able to split with nothing more acrimonious than mutual consent. If that happens, New York will join every single other state in the country where no-fault divorces are legal.

N.Y. Moves Closer to No-Fault Divorce [NYT]
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