Paranoid North Carolina Congressman Puts Conservative Muckraker in Death Grip


North Carolina Democratic congressman Bob Etheridge was walking down the street in the capital recently when two “college kids” asked him on-camera whether he “fully support[s] the Obama agenda.” Instead of just ignoring them and continuing on his way, Etheridge had a bit of a freakout, swiping at the camera and grabbing one of the dudes by the wrist, and briefly by the neck, while repeatedly demanding, “Tell me who you are,” as if he suspected they were North Korean spies or something equally sinister. It’s still unknown who exactly the students are, actually, or why their faces are blurred in the video, which was posted on the same website that brought us the ACORN pimp story.

Long Hot Summer Begins: Congressman Attacks Student [Big Government]

Update: Two uncut videos of the incident can be seen here and here.

Update II: Etheridge has apologized.