Pedro Espada to Shut Down the Government Again?


One year ago today, Pedro Espada set off the notorious coup that left the legislature in shambles for weeks. Now, in commemoration of that day, Espada is threatening to shut down the entire state government. Since the legislature has been unable to pass an annual budget — the one that was due on April 1 — it has instead been passing emergency budget bills, which, because of Governor Paterson, have also included things like state worker furloughs and health-care cuts. Now Espada, along with Democrat Ruben Diaz, is refusing to vote for another emergency budget bill. Without Espada and Diaz, and with the continuation of unified Republican opposition, the government would shut down if the legislature can’t come up with a budget by Monday. It’s the “bold leadership” New York requires, he says.

AP Interview: Espada will risk NY gov’t shutdown [NYP]