Pestering and Pestilence at Goldman Sachs


What the American people want to see is Goldman Sachs humbled. And while they may not get the sort of humbling they would really like — something like, Lloyd Blankfein's property seized and the man himself rubbed with the scent of lady cow and set loose in a pit full of hungry bulls, at which point everyone can say, "There, that's done," and feel a million times better about everything — they can rest assured that the bank is suffering for its role in the crisis in lots of little ways, not limited to the fluctuations of its share price. For instance, Blankfein tried to get out of yesterday's annual meeting of retired Goldman partners, but was browbeaten into doing it by alumni who "wanted to hear directly from the CEO about the firm's recent problems" and then subjected to more endless, tiresome kibbitzing about his handling of the firm's spate of negative publicity.

Some retired partners told Mr. Blankfein that he was saying too much, while others complained that he wasn't defending the firm aggressively enough, according to people who attended the meeting.

What is this, "Who's on First?" He wanted to say that, but since the "God's work" situation he has of course been forbidden from making jokes, which for a short, former fat kid from the Bronx is a kind of torture in and of itself. Meanwhile, employees at Goldman's Jersey City, New Jersey, office have been visited by an actual plague.

According to ABC News:

Employees ... have been moved from certain floors and ordered out of the building at times because exterminators have been in checking and spraying for bed bugs, said two separate sources at the firm. Neither source was comfortable being quoted by name, citing company policy.

Some might say the pests were sent by divine intervention, but we know whose side the Big Guy is on. Most likely, this was just a prank Jamie Dimon cooked up after reading this.

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