Peter Orszag to Beat Rahm Emanuel Out the Door


Despite a report from the Telegraph that Rahm Emanuel will step down as President Obama’s chief of staff within six to eight months, friends insist the departure date is actually much more up in the air. The fickle Emanuel “vacillates from day to day, sometimes minute to minute,” they tell Politico. “He might leave in December after the midterms; or he might stay until next summer, depending on whether [Chicago mayor Richard] Daley runs or President Barack Obama asks him to stick around.” Regardless of when Emanuel finally makes a decision, he definitely won’t be the first member of Obama’s Cabinet to leave the administration. That honor will go to budget director Peter Orszag, who will bid adieu to government service in July for a position at a think tank, and to wed actual female Bianna Golodryga, an ABC News reporter, in September.

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