Please Identify This Object Raffaello Follieri Gave to Anne Hathaway (Updated)


The FBI is auctioning off the jewelry and assorted other baubles Raffaello Follieri gave to his girlfriend Anne Hathaway before he was arrested for perpetrating a Ponzi scheme that involved the Pope (a mortal sin if ever there was one). On their inventory list is this object, which the agency describes as “a Cartier figurine.” But a figurine of what? Intel Chris thinks it could be a duck. Intel Dan and Jessica think that it’s way too lumpy to be a duck, and agree that it could be a mushroom, though what it mostly looks like is, kind of, well, a penis. But maybe it’s just us. What do you think? Did Follieri give Anne Hathaway his dick in a box? And if not, then what is this thing? Your knowledge, in the comments.

UPDATE: Bill Bastone of the Smoking Gun has emailed us another picture of the figurine, from an alternate angle.

As you can see, the underside of the potential D is inscribed with … something?

Bastone also notes that it was was found in a South Bronx storage bin rented by Follieri.

Anne Hathaway’s Tainted Baubles [Smoking Gun]
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