L Train Has More Missed Connections Than Any Other


The L train is like the trolley from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood. It starts and ends in the real world, but somewhere in the middle of its route it emerges in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe: a pretty, confusing place full of cheap costumes, fuzzy faces, and houses made of wood. (Daniel Striped Tiger will even be there next month!) And, just like on PBS, this Neighborhood of Make-Believe is full of people who just want to fall into sweet, romantic, sometimes interspecies love. According to an impromptu self-survey, Craigslist has declared that the L train is the “Most Romantic Subway Line” because of the amount of “Missed Connections” travelers report on the classified site. The Morgan Avenue, Bedford, and Lorimer stops were all in the top ten most-posted stations for people looking to track down and meet someone they spotted or talked to. Gawker has a rundown of some pretty classic examples of hipster “Missed Connection” ads. Meanwhile, “least romantic” is the Lexington Ave/59th Street stop on the 6: Unsurprisingly, there is no Make-Believe on the Upper East Side.

The L-for-Love Train Goes to Williamsburg [City Room/NYT]