President Obama Feigns Interest in Oil-Related Mundane Things


In response to unrelenting nagging by the American people, President Obama grudgingly returned to the Gulf Coast today for the fourth time since the oil spill began nearly 60 days ago. Much like a corporation feels pressure to report higher earnings each quarter, so must Obama become more conspicuously involved in the cleanup effort each time he returns to the region. No longer will simply speaking to governors and Coast Guard officials, or even squatting down and fondling some tarballs, suffice. Now, on his two-day, three-state trip, Obama has to personally inspect the oil booms, as in the photo above, and taste-test the local shrimp and crab to determine its level of toxicity. Later today he’ll take a ferry ride right into the midst of the oil spill, and tomorrow he’ll meet with BP CEO Tony Hayward, who is apparently important enough to speak to, suddenly.

On oil trip, Obama eats shrimp, lauds Gulf beaches [AFP via Google]
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