Prospect Park Goose Maybe Just a Total Badass


Sticky,” as the goose that was spotted running around Prospect Park with an arrow through his neck has come to be known, has been doing his damndest to avoid the team of park rangers who have been running around the park trying to “save” him today, City Room reports. He’s run from them. He’s flown from them. He’s swum away from them. It’s as though he doesn’t care he has a giant arrow through his neck at all! And maybe he doesn’t — fisherman who regularly visit the area say that Sticky has been walking around like this for at least three weeks, looking, all things considered, relatively unbothered.

The other geese are similarly undisturbed. “I don’t think they even realize he has an arrow through is neck,” one sergeant observed. Maybe it’s just his look?

Goose With Arrow in Neck Still Evades Capture [City Room/NYT]